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    5G Solution

           5G, as a global connection requirement that will continue to expand in the next decade and beyond, can achieve Gbps mobile data access, 3D stereoscopic video, ultra-high-definition video, cloud work, cloud entertainment, AR, IoT, smart cities, and smart buildings , unmanned driving, telemedicine, industrial automation, and indoor coverage scenarios are important scenarios for mobile communication coverage. Indoor coverage systems provide both signal extension and user traffic, reducing the load on macro base stations. With 5G high frequency using, the traditional method of "outdoor signal coverage indoor", the shallow coverage capability is limited. In view of the limited penetration of high frequency bands, small cell are an important means to enhance hotspots and eliminate blind spots. Ultra-dense networking can meet the needs of hotspot business growth. The 5G NR distributed small cell is a 5G indoor distributed coverage solution based on eCPRI or CPRI transmission. The system uses digital technology and carries wireless signals based on optical fibers or network cables. With high power and wide coverage characteristics, it is more suitable for large-scale continuous coverage scenarios, and has the characteristics of rapid deployment and rapid network construction.