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    HomeSolutionsPrivate Network SolutionsHighway 4G solution

    Highway 4G solution

           Minor accidents on the expressway may have a significant impact, so the requirements for expressway inspection management are extremely strict. At present, the command and dispatching on the expressway is still relatively backward, and it cannot meet the needs of the current multimedia command and dispatchig of integrated voice, video and positioning. Expressway 4G communication solution provides wireless broadband transmission channels for expressway operation management, real-time monitoring and other services, including voice, video, data, and image services.

    Solution Highlights

    • HD transmission

      Live HD video fast backhaul

    • Dispatching function

      Support voice, data, video services, multimedia communications and trunking services

    • Various terminal types

      Provide a variety of handheld terminals, CPE and LTE data cards for users to choose

    • Wide coverage

      Line of sight coverage radius 5-6 km

    • Integrated equipment

      Base station integrated design, high integration and easy deployment