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    HomeSolutionsPrivate Network SolutionsForest Fire Prevention 4G Private Network Wireless Communication System Solution

    Forest Fire Prevention 4G Private Network Wireless Communication System Solution

           Due to the complex terrain in the forest area, it is difficult to lay cables. Many sites have no public network signals or are unstable, and data cannot be backhaul. At the same time, when the forest patrol personnel are in the area, they cannot communicate with the outside command center, and a dedicated wireless broadband overall solution is urgently needed. Our company launches a dedicated network coverage solution based on TD-LTE technology, integrated multimedia dispatching system, to achieve forest area signal coverage, real-time and smooth backhaul of front-end collected information, ground patrol personnel and forest area monitoring management command center seamlessly, the district conducts comprehensive monitoring and protection.

    Solution Highlights

    • HD backhaul

      Support multi-channel HD video surveillance

    • Dispatching function

      Dispatching system is rich in functions, multi-level dispatching command

    • Comprehensive monitoring

      Cooperate with auxiliary equipment such as sensors, comprehensive monitoring of images, temperature, humidity, etc.

    • Low latency

      Low system transmission delay to ensure real-time data transmission

    • Various terminal types

      Provide a variety of handheld terminals, CPE and LTE data cards for users to choose