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  • LTE Backpack Base Station + MESH

    The LTE backpack base station +MESH is mainly composed of a baseband control unit (BBU), a remote radio unit (RRU), an LTE core network EPC, and a MESH system. The MESH system is mainly used for fast wireless networking of this equipment with other equipm



    • Integrated design, including eNodeB, EPC, and MESH
    • MESH Co-Frequency Centerless Ad Hoc Network
    • Backpack design, easy to carry
    • Support GPS synchronization
    • Intuitive user interface and easy operation

    Data sheet

    LTE frequency TDD-LTE 1800/1400/600/500/400MHz
    LTE bandwidth 5/10/15/20MHz
    LTE UL/DL peak throughput 50Mbps/100Mbps
    MIMO 2T2R
    LTE Transmit(Tx) Power 1W/port
    Number of users 64
    MESH center frequency 500MHz650MHz
    MESH bandwidth 2.5/5.0/10.0MHz
    MESH Transmit(Tx) Power 2W/port
    Power input DC 15V
    Max power consumption 90W
    DimensionsL*W*H 326*244*72 mm( with battery and handle)
    Weight <6kg
    Operating temperature -40 ~ +55
    Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%

    Product details